Our Lady invite the 30th Anniversary in Naju, Korea on August 29th, 2015

Naju Korea) The sins in this world have increased in proportion as the world has developed a highly materialized civilization. Therefore, The Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Savior, has appealed for the salvation of mankind through Her apparitions all around the world including Fatima and Lourdes in the 19th & 20th centuries.

The Blessed Mother appeared in Naju, Korea on June 30, 1985, Weeping Tears through Her statue which is owned by Julia Kim and has been present ever since. Julia Kim, who was chosen by The Blessed Mother for the conversion of mankind has been living a life of martyrdom through her shared redemptive sufferings of Jesus Christ and has been offering up her daily life for the salvation of humankind for over 30 years.

New video clip : The Holy city of God, the Shrine of the Blessed Mother of Naju, Korea 

Thousands of Clergy and Religious as well as numerous children from all over the world have visited this place. Since visiting, they have been living lives of resurrection through the grace of repentance. Not only have they received graces of spiritual and physical healing’s in The Blessed Mother’s everlasting love, but have also kept visiting continually, even until now.


The unprecedented Miracles and Signs, from Our Lord Jesus Christ & The Blessed Mother of Naju are as follows: the Blessed Mother’s Tears, Tears of Blood, Fragrant Oil, Mother’s Milk, Eucharistic Miracles, Miracles of The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and the Water of Graces (Miraculous Water). All of these which have been considered to be one of a kind in human history show the infinite love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother.

The Messages of Love given through Julia Kim in Naju have been spreading throughout the whole world, beyond national boundaries and races. The Amazing Miracles of Love that numerous people have received, and having been healed, and sanctified, are spreading throughout the world continuously.

나주 성모 구원방주

나주 성모 구원방주

The Amazing Miracles through the Miraculous Naju Water of Graces that numerous people from Korea and from abroad have experienced include healing’s of both spiritual and physical. The Miraculous Water is from The Blessed Mother’s Mountain.  According to the research conducted by the City Hall of Naju, which collected samples of the Water of Graces, came back with the result of a total lack of any bacteria being detected. Also, according to scientific research conducted for 1 year on the Naju  Miraculous Water by Dr. Molnar Gyula, it has been confirmed that the Naju  Water of Graces “stops bacteria from propagating and purifies tap water to  a level of 200 milliliters.”

Video Clip on the Miraculous Water of Naju : The Sign of Love from God and the Blessed Mother through the Water of Graces 

The ‘Korea Testing and Research Institute for the Environment’ conducted   research on the Naju Water of Graces.  “Based on all the results of the quality and analysis of the above mentioned water, it has been confirmed that the quality of this subterranean water is at the highest possible level.”

Dr. Emoto said in his book, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ that he took a picture of the crystals formed from the miraculous water from Naju in his laboratory and saw bright, energy-filled, hexagonal crystals. In his recent research earlier this year, 2015, on the Water of Graces, he reconfirmed, “The Miraculous Water from Naju is filled with energy and this  symbolizes ‘love’.”

Naju water is forme hexagonal

Naju water is forme hexagonal

St. Pope John Paul II witnessed a Eucharistic Miracle through Julia Kim, whom His Holiness invited to his private Mass in the Vatican, on October 31, 1995 and then instructed the Cathedral of St. Archangel Michael to exhibit the Eucharistic Miracle.  The Second Eucharistic Miracle that occurred in the Vatican, through Julia Kim, happened on February 28, 2010 and was reported to Pope Benedict XVI and His Holiness mentioned, “I am favorable on Naju.” As the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is investigating all of the phenomena that has happened in Naju, pilgrimages to Naju are being allowed as the official position of the Catholic Church. (Non Constat de Supernaturalitate)

The Sodality of Mary’s Ark of Salvation will be holding “The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Our Lady’s Weeping Tears in Naju, Korea” on August 29, 2015 to commemorate the Love given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother for over 30 years. Thousands of pilgrims including clergy and religious from dozens of countries world wide will be participating in the celebration by organizing pilgrimage groups. Volunteers pay full attention to the preparation of the Celebration so that pilgrims to Naju may have a grace-filled experience here.

Naju is a place where one can find the combined Love of Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother! A place where Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother are present and perform Miracles! Eucharistic Miracles, Descent of The Precious Blood of Jesus, Miraculous Water and numerous signs through Julia! We invite all peoples of the world to join us in “The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Our Lady’s Weeping Tears in Naju, Korea” to share in the Graces and Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother together.

“From Korea, which is my youngest child and which I love so much, I will make my love and victory spread to the entire world.”(Message from The Blessed Mother of Naju on September 17, 1991)unnamed

Our Lady invites you to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Her weeping Tears in Naju, Korea on August 29th, 2015 !


* Information for the pilgrimage to Naju *

The Guidelines for the pilgrimage to Naju & the 30th anniversary celebration 

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Address : 12, Najucheon 2gil, Naju City, Jeonnam, 520-030, South Korea

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